March 4, 2008

I’m sorry but i was running late this morning and i couldn’t post. This was the last day for the Crown, but it should be back in no time! Now get ur Weevil and start earning mulch! ( i got over 2100 mulch! hehe! )


The Golden Crown! – 3/3/08

March 3, 2008

clip2016_0001.jpg Hi! The Crown is in Bing’s Grotto and Club Fling’s today!

– Happy Weeviling!

Happy Mothers Day(UK)! – The Golden Crown! – 2/3/08

March 2, 2008

Hey Weevils,

I’m from the UK and today it’s the UK Mothers Day, another great day :)!!! I made my Mum and little Youtube video(

clip2015_0001.jpg Heres the Crown! Once again it’s behind the Knut in Kip’s Scrapyard.

 – Happy Weeviling!

Happy March! – The Golden Crown! – 1/3/08

March 1, 2008

Hey Weevils,

 First of all i’d like to say Happy New Month! I hope you had a great February now it’s March. One of my friends birthdays is in March so wish her a Happy Birthday!

 clip1991_0001.jpg Heres the Crown for today! Hope you like it.

 – Happy Weeviling!

The Golden Crown! – 29/2/08

February 29, 2008


Hey all you weevils out there! New crown out today with 30 mulch inside!

 I hope you like my website, if you have any suggestions or compliments,or if you would like to be my bin buddy, i’ll be happy to answer you.

 – Happy Weeviling!

The Golden Crown! – 28/2/08

February 28, 2008


Heres the Golden Crown for today! I hope you can get some more coins for your nest! Sorry you can’t see where it is, it’s in Peel Park once again!

– Happy Weeviling!

The Golden Crown! – 27/2/08

February 27, 2008

clip1987_0001.jpg Heres the Crown for today! Earn some good Mulch for your nest! Have fun!

– Happy Weeviling

The Golden Crown! – 26/2/08

February 26, 2008


Heres the Golden Crown for today, get some loveley 30 mulch! Thanks guys for coming to my website, please visit often.

– Happy Weeviling

The Golden Crown! – 25/2/08

February 25, 2008


Today, the Crown is in Retro Games, you have to turn your BinCam behind the knut to get to it.

 In other news they have added 2 more Tracks in Dirt Valley, the old one is Track 2 and Track 1 & 3 are new, i won Track 3 (the hardest) and i got 45 Mulch! That shows that you can earn more money! Yay!

 – Happy Weeviling

The Golden Crown! – 24/2/08

February 24, 2008


Heres the Crown for today! Get yourself some lovely mulch!

 – Happy Weeviling